Kantine of Diversity… Our first Party Mondial!

Our expectations were really high – and again, they were exceeded!

We were not able to find out whether and when the Kantine experienced a polonaise before this event. But stop – one by one: almost all the reservations one could possibly have on the dance floor were melt away by electronic beats inspired by sounds from all over the world. Afterwards, unleashing Balkan beats finally breached all dams. What we saw on the dance floor ranged from highly emotional solo dance numbers over wild couple and group dances to the already mentioned polonaise – basically all one could possibly imagine seeing on the dance floor. Finally, pushing techno made sure nobody was leaving Kantine without burning soles in the early morning hours.

We are also really happy that our little game was successful in making people meet and talk this night, although they often had never met before. At the entrance, people received multicolored points with the task to find two others with the same color during the night. Always when three people of the same color found each other, they were able to win something at the Café Mondial info point in Kantine’s courtyard: Free entrance for the Johnny Cash show at the theater of Konstanz on Saturday, a night outside with Dirk and friends, free consumption at Münsterbar and snacks to help one keeping up the night on the dance floor. Of course, we also offered information on what Café Mondial does and wants to achieve, as well as on our past and future events.

We are really happy for all the different people who came to meet, celebrate and dance with us at this first night in the Kantine. No matter if young, old, studying, working, long-term Konstanz resident or recently arrived new citizen – the dance floor was crowded and we also received a nice amount of donations. Again, the pay-as-much-as-you-can rule at the entrance worked perfectly and several deposit coins were donated, too. Big thanks again to everybody supporting us. We are sure this was not the last Party Mondial – we will be back!