Café Mondial plays again!

On Sunday, 21st of February, we invite everybody who loves playing games, newcomers or old-established in Konstanz, to an cross-cultural afternoon full of fun and games.

Traditional games like Backgammon or Kalaha, kids games like „animal on animal“ or new games such as „Camel-Up“ by the Konstanz game inventor Steffen Bogen: on that day we will play again until until the dices glow! Of course, you can also bring along your own favourite game. As is generally known, playing together is one of the easiest ways to get in contact with each other. And if homemade snacks or deserts are brought, too, this afternoon will be just perfect. Thanks to the Humboldt-Gymnasium and „Seetroll“ for supporting „Café Mondial plays“.

„Café Mondial plays“ takes place from 2 pm until 6 pm in the refectory of the „Humboldt-Gymnasium“, Schottenstraße 2 in Konstanz.