Café Mondial keeps on growing!

And that is why we at Café Mondial joined together in the last few weeks to summarize our values, our thoughts and our goals, and recorded them in writing. Now anyone who is interested – whether he or she is actively part of the team, supporting or reporting on us, or simply informing themselves – can find out what we intend to accomplidh and how we intend to accomplish it.

The result of these deliberations are two basic documents: The first is our Charter, which lays out our values, our way of working and our self-image. This is interesting and important especially for those who are actively involved and those who are interested in supporting us. The second is an image flyer in which we illustrate our ideas and our plans to the general public.

Notwithstanding, we will, of course, continue our information evenings for anyone interested in Café Mondial. The next event will take place on Thursday, 03 December, from 18:00 until 19:30 o’clock at the social building in the Palmenhauspark.

Speaking of our social building in the Palmenhauspark, we have had many discussions with the leaders of the city of Konstanz and other officials in recent weeks. We intend to do everything right and fulfill all necessary requirements – and there are quite a few. At the moment, we can use the building twice a week for our meetings. Before the city can permanently rent out the building to us, the regional council has to approve the proposal, a process that is expected to last until the end of the year. In the meantime, we are not sitting around idly since there are diverse applications that have to be submitted in regards to building permits, occupational safety, food safety, air ventilation, fire safety, etc. Additionally, we are busily fashioning architectural design plans in order to facilitate the greatest possible flexibility, comfort, and appeal in the buildings future utility.

Starting in mid-December, the newly founded Women’s Committee will begin to to hold their meetings in a room at the Stephansplatz.

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