Workshop on the Accomodation of Religious Diversity

Im Rahmen der Themenwoche: Diskriminierung vom 10.06.-16.06. veranstaltet das StuVe-Referat für Nachhaltigkeit, Soziales und Gleichstellung mit der Hochschulgruppe Café Mondial zwei Workshops.

English workshop
The workshop will focus on the moral dilemmas raised by the accomodation of religious diversity in contemporary democratic societies. In some cases, generally applicable laws of the state clash with the religious commitments of some citizens: the fact that the Catholic Church only hires men as priests is a violation of non-discrimination laws based on gender; the uniforms of many institutions, such as the police, are often incompatible with the religious duty of some citizents to wear a specific dress, such as a hijab, a kippa or a turban; the fact that Friday is considered a normal day of work, whereas Sunday is usually a day of rest, is a problem for Muslims who need time off on Fridays for worhsip.
What is the right solution to this conflicts?
Should generally applicable laws be modified when they affect religious minorities more than the religious majority?
Should religious commitments be accomodated, and if so under which conditions?

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